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Mini Love Roller

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Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002

Nothing can beat the style and trend that has been brought by this Mini Love Roller from the Premium
series. What makes it outscore others is its exception support system for being made of fine-quality
foam of 4-inch density. It highlights meticulous craftsmanship and therefore stands as one of the best
erotic furniture for couples. This is what promises its users uncompromised comfort while being in
complete action. Its highlights sections are its lower arc and central contour that makes it easier for
users to have quality erotic fun. With a promise of causing no back-aches, it would also let you choose
from colours like Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow.
Product: Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002
Category: Lovemaking Furniture
Material: 4-inch density foam
Colour: Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow


Mini Love Roller (Elite) MLR-003

Playing with your partner’s body will now be fulfilled in a completely different style on this Mini Love Roller from the Elite series. It’s an ideal piece of furniture for the 21st century couples who are looking forward to having quality time with each other in private. Unmatched in quality and strength, this lovemaking furniture comes with an amazing support system provided by its high arc. Furthermore, it surpasses in terms of excellence and comes wrapped in a body made of ply board and wood. It weighs up to 250 kg and would remain strong for years to come.

Product: Mini Love Roller (Elite) MLR-003

Category: Lovemaking Furniture

Material: Wood and Ply board

Colour: Red, Orange, Brown, White, Lime and Yellow



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