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    Bath Mate Hydromax x30 PE-016
    • Bath Mate Hydromax x30 PE-016

    Bath Mate Hydromax x30 PE-016

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    Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydropump
    Who said men with an undersized penis can never have strong erections? Among the penis
    enlargement pumps, what has drawn a good number of men is Bathmate Hydromax X30
    Hydropump. This is a high-quality pump for penis enlargement made with hydro-technology that will
    work towards the health and development of men’s penis. With the prime objective to add strength
    to the penis, it comes with the Bellows system. Here, a new soft sealing is provided that comes in
    the form of a supportive ring, which the user can wear around the base of his penis and stay
    comfortable. It also features a 360 degree positive rotation for optimum efficiency when used under
    the shower. Furthermore, it has a Super Flow Latch Valve that helps in one-hand filling under the
    shower. The Bathmate X30 Hydro Penis Enlargement Pump delivers a maximum growth capacity of
    8.5 inches while its maximum girth capacity is up to 6.7 inches. What makes the product safer to use
    is its plastic penis pump material. Masturbation, therefore, will no more be a problem as men will
    now have larger, thicker and healthier penis.
    Product: Bathmate Hydromax X30 Hydropump
    Category: Bathmate Hydropump
    Maximum Girth: 6.7 inches
    Maximum Growth: 8.5 inches
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