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    Super Vacuum Penis Enlarger PE-012
    • Super Vacuum Penis Enlarger PE-012

    Super Vacuum Penis Enlarger PE-012

    ₹3,384.85Save 5%
    • Fits: 3" -8" in length. Max Wide: 2 1/4" inches. Discreet Shipping.
    • Works just like all the other water / hydropump systems out there on the market but without the high cost.
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    Do you think you are falling short of orgasm while getting laid with your girl? Are you not able to hold on to erection or ejaculating a bit early you had never expected? Here comes an incredible product in the name of Male Physical Therapy, which is a penis enlarger lubricant that will now take care of your genitals and revitalize you to keep your partner physically satisfied. Moreover, it has been designed to help men overcome impotency as well as premature ejaculation along with other issues related to sexual dysfunction.

    Besides, this penis enlarger improves blood circulation in men who therefore, regains the ability to power up the penis. As a result, one achieves long-lasting erection and gives a powerful performance on bed. Although this product is safe on skin, it is recommended for all those who do not have inflamed penis.

    As far as dosage is concerned, one can apply it twice per day for 10 to 20 minutes each month, once in the morning and once in the evening, which altogether completes a course.


    Product Name: Super Vacuum Penish enlarger

    Category: Penis Enlarger Lubricant

    Function: Improves impotency and premature ejaculation in men

    Dosage: 10 to 20 minutes per day, once morning and once evening

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