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Inflatable Love Doll

It is high time to buy a sex doll in India and spice up your boring bedroom. Men who are unable to open up about their physical needs will be delighted to have these love dolls. They are planning a lot of naughty nights with their love doll. You can get this amazing product at our online adult toys store at an affordable price.

Stress is not going to mess up as the sex doll masturbator is there to back men in need. They can experiment with new positions by holding the inflatable love doll in their hands. Moreover, the dolls can be cleaned after each use.

Buy Sex Doll in India from our online store

Men can buy sex doll in India by simply tapping their gadgets. They can get this sexy girl delivered to the doorstep. It makes the process discreet and fills the heart of men with happiness to enjoy the company of a doll. Every doll is made from high-quality material.

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Quick Details:-
Material: Silicone + pvc

Size: 160CM X 27CM

Color: flesh

Material: Medical Silicone + PVC

Height(blow up): about 160cm

Measurements: 88cm 61cm 89cm

Stand Pressure: 300pounds

Weight: about 3kgs

Certificaters: CE,FDA


Main Features:

1.Lifelike 3D face, lifelike hair 

2.Simulate real vaginal structure

3.Sexy Breast can be filled with water 

4.Hight quality hair, Oral sex , vaginal sex and anal sex are available.

5.Fixed silicone pussy with rooted pubic hair

6.Ultra-soft mouth and nipple,large breast

7.Composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PVC 

6.Lingeries in picture is sold seperately.

--Love dolls Can offord 300 pound force;

--soft silicone gel genital and nipple;

--Sex dolls with quite large soft breasts;

--Inflatable doll with vagina and anus, can anal sex;

--silica gel genital split design can be used independently as a masturbation cup.

--real love "make a sexy sound";


 Her chest tall,plump ,flexible ,abundancesexy legs slightly separated can give you the visual enjoyment ..soft ,flexible ,full body full of seductive charm ,lovely little vibration eggs can be placed in channel inside ,open switch ,it will gently swing ,bring you endless imagination internal device has vibration ,smoke and many other features folders are available for you arbitrary choice,the real stimulation ,pleasure constantly ,as long as the battery ,giving her power of love ,she would twist rhythmically swinging ,issued sexy voice.

 How To Use this sex products:

 1, After use of "toys" Because of high oil secretion and residual liquid, if time does not clean it, easy to breed bacteria, so start as soon as possible after use, please wash your "toys."

2, Cleaning should avoid switching, power supply, etc. cleaning the bathroom, while gentle rubbing with a finger while cleaning, do not use brushes or acid detergent.

3, After cleaning wipe with a dry cotton cloth most suitable, or high-quality paper towels are a good choice. Once at wiping it dry, and avoid sun exposure!

4, The final special cleaning fluids, or can be diluted alcohol (75%) to sterilize, but also sprinkle talcum powder before collection.

5, Remember that after use is required to remove the battery, do not stay in the toy inside, or it may have a battery corrosion! Collection can be flannel bag or bags for collection of dust, dry in the shade as much as possible can be.


Quick Details:-


Height after inflate: 160cm

Net weight: 2.3kg

Gross weight: 2.45kg


we sell all sex products,such as glass dildo,vibrator,sex medicine,condom,sex toys,etc. please contact with me for the details,

Detailed Product Description:

1)Three entries of love:Oral sex,anal sex,sexual intercourse

2)Can withstand the pressure of 100kg

3)Ultra-soft mouth and nipple,large breast

4)composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PV


This is a really handsome male doll that has been hand customized. He has been redone to be anatomically enhanced. He has an erect penis. This doll is just fantastic. He is 5.5 feet tall and is a very fun and unusual. He is being sold nude . He has never been played with or displayed. He has gorgeous molded brown hair and big blue eyes.

Semi-solid Inflatable doll masturbation real body temperature live voice Sex Dolls hbvjh ; height of 167cm, measurements: 86cm 63cm 88cm;Gift:Inflatable tube, sound vibration Tiaodan, a box of condoms, lubricant bottle, repair quote,


Semi-solid inflatable doll, using the simulation results of the latest technology in Japan the skin, in accordance with the real model making, simulation and high, feel good, real skin, you can put on different clothes for her, she is the privacy of your most faithful lover. 

Semi-solid inflatable doll Size: Height :165-167cm 
;weight: 3.5-4kg

Quick Details:-


Height after inflate: 167cm

Net weight: 4kg

Gross weight: 4.4kg


Detailed Product Description:

1)Two entries of love:Oral sex,dildo sexual intercourse

2)Can withstand the pressure of 100kg

3)composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PVC


Quick Details:-


Height after inflate: 160cm

Net weight: 3.3kg

Gross weight: 3.65kg

Detailed Product Description:

1)Three entries of love: Oral sex, anal sex,sexual intercourse


2)Can withstand the pressure of 150kg


3)Ultra-soft mouth and nipple, large breast, hands, legs


4)Composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic Silicone.

5) Leakage free


Why it's a Good Idea to Buy a Sex Doll in India?

Men usually stay concerned about making their bedroom the happiest place on earth. To make this possible, 21st-century men are going with the idea of buying sex dolls in India. Since it's a confidential possession to keep at home, our online store takes every step to ensure that the buyer receives it discreetly. These love dolls are no less human figure that achieves a life with the user's help.

There might be several male masturbating toys for men. But an inflatable love doll is a special one. The moment you look at her, you will feel an adrenaline rush. She is just not hot but so magical in her presence. She may look artificial, but she gives you natural vibes in bed. Although she is a doll, she never makes you feel so. Once you start touching her, you will know how exciting it will be your climactic end. To make it a real-time scenario, you can also add an artificial vagina to penetrate the urge and to perform at an extreme level.

Masturbation is Fun with a Sex Doll Masturbator

Some men say that masturbation requires hands and nothing else. But men who wish to take masturbation to the next level will benefit from a male masturbator. Firstly, you can go solo by making her lie nude or spreading her legs. Imagine she is waiting for you to cross all boundaries. Secondly, you can try oral with her. Achieve a quick erection and give her a blowjob. Also, you can go for the doggy style by making her bend towards the front.

Buy a Sex Doll in India Online

If you are willing to buy a sex doll in India, it would be a great idea. A man would find such a doll an asset to his life as she can promise unlimited fun every night and every moment. Our online sex toys store, Artificialtoys, preserves the most outstanding range of sex dolls. Inflatable love doll, Super Girl, and many more are worth buying from our online store.

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