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Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002

Nothing can beat the style and trend that has been brought by this Mini Love Roller from the Premium
series. What makes it outscore others is its exception support system for being made of fine-quality
foam of 4-inch density. It highlights meticulous craftsmanship and therefore stands as one of the best
erotic furniture for couples. This is what promises its users uncompromised comfort while being in
complete action. Its highlights sections are its lower arc and central contour that makes it easier for
users to have quality erotic fun. With a promise of causing no back-aches, it would also let you choose
from colours like Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow.
Product: Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002
Category: Lovemaking Furniture
Material: 4-inch density foam
Colour: Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow


Love Pillow (Basic) LP-001

Forget everything about your slow going sex life and bring home this Love Pillow from the Basic series
that will now add a zing to your a new lifestyle. You will not find anywhere this type of furniture for
having unlimited fun. With a design and look that are so different, the Love Pillow from the Basic series
would now let you enjoy strong stimulations. Just take your partner along, make her dress the way you
want and let her lie on it for an action-packed session. Made of silk type material, it is super comfortable
and will make users have a pleasant experience.
Product: Love Pillow (Basic) LP-001
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Silk type fabric
Colour: Pink and Parrot Green




Basic Love Roller (Basic) BLR-001

Nothing can get your bed life rocking than this awesome piece of furniture, the Basic Love Roller. It
comes from the Basic series and stands out in terms of its design, allow partners to embrace each other
out of lust and passion. With an unmatched design, it reflects sheer craftsmanship, making users
experiment on themselves with fun and pleasure. Safe and strong, this lovemaking furniture will keep
you at ease and will let you fall off it, no matter how excited you stay in action. Modish and robust, this
love roller with its central contour will make you go for deeper penetrations for a perfect orgasmic
Product: Basic Love Roller (Basic) BLR-001
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Leatharite
Colour: Red, Black, Cream, Purple, Green


Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl SG-001

Imagine the pleasure of cuddling your girl anytime you want on bed, which will now be possible with this Full Body Real Silicone Super Girl. As the name goes, this sex doll is made of good quality silicone and looks so hot and seductive. It has the perfect body and soft private parts that makes this an ideal option to satisfy men. As it looks just like an attractive woman of flesh and blood, you will just love to take her home.

A quick look at some of its features:

- Premium quality silicone

- Realistic look

- Height 4 feet

- Weight 20 kgs.

- Easy to clean

- Softer genitals

Each and every part of her body has been given perfect shape so that it looks like someone in real. Make sure to clean her well before you take her to the bed for performance. Even after you are done penetrating, take a good toy cleaner and clean her private parts well so that it becomes ready for use the next time. Just place her in bed and you will take no time to turn on. If you wish, wear her a bikini and see how quick she pulls you closer for some action.


If you have been looking for something that can clean up your sex toys with perfection, this Universal Toy Cleaner is for you. Being medically-tested, it is made of effective yet safe ingredients that will remove all toxins from the toy you are using. Once cleaned, the accessory or gadget in use will be completely free of all sorts of contaminants, keeping your private parts miles away from infections. 

The application process is very easy. The cleaner needs to be sprayed exactly on its desired surface area. Thereafter, start rinsing it with warm water and then take a paper towel cloth to eliminate moisture. While cleaning, make sure that you have removed the batteries off the toy you will be using. Also, keep the power of the gadget off prior to applying the cleaner on it.

Packed in a nice purple coloured bottle, it comes with 100ml capacity. This toy cleaner can clean up toys made of rubber, silicone and latex.


Product: Universal Toy Cleaner

Category: Sex Toy Cleaner

Function: Cleans sex toys thoroughly and leaves no contaminants, making it safe to use

Capacity: 100ml

Colour: Purple pack


Item description

2016 New Limited Version Humorous Humor Enchantment Body Artwork Fuel Lighter Enjoyable Intercourse Furnishing Articles Windproof Lighter Torch   Cigar Lighter Cigarette Lighter    

  •  A new thought to mild up your lighter without hold press down the button
  • Just conveniently press the button/switch after which it is going to maintains mild up
  • Simply shut the cowl to exit the flame
  • Fashion windproof lighter,Fine workmanship; Inflatable;  Gold-plated floor, Butane fuel, ship without fuel
  • Product characteristic: holiday presents, birthday presents, Christmas presents, promotional presents,Have fun assortment.When the ignition,Electronic astounding voice

Item Photograph



Female Purse Vibrator DV-004

Female Purse Vibrator is a mini-size vibrator for women who are willing to achieve orgasm at its best. Made of TPR or Thermoplastic Elastomers, Female Purse Vibrator is completely safe to use and ensures to bring long cozy sessions to the user. Purple in colour, it looks quite trendy and is sure to attract any woman. Compact in size, it is 4 inches long in total long out of which 3 inches can be inserted. For being small in size, it can be carried into small purses on the go. Among its special features, it has a multi-speed vibration that lets the user control the speed and effects of the device. Besides, the Female Purse Vibrator needs 2 AAA batteries to run for long hours. So, if you are willing to buy this Female Purse Vibrator, you will get it at a cheaper price at an online store.

Product: Female Purse Vibrator DV-004

Material: Silicone

Size: 4 inches long and 3 inches insertable

Colour: Purple

Batteries: 2 AAA


Now gift this Silky Sweety Realistic Vibrator to your lady UN agency can currently be able to excite her genital organ and acquire extremely orgasmic. victimisation it's simple because it simply has to be inserted into the epithelial ductthere's no hurt in doing thus since it's fabricated from smart quality polymerit'sutterly safe and quite snug to use. What makes it realistic is its natural skin. This smooth Sweety movingvibrator has the support of an interior vibrator that produces epithelial duct stimulation. it's high-powered by a few of AA batteries that offer enough power throughout the day.

Product: Silky Sweety Realistic Vibrator RSV-002

Material: Silicone

Colour: Natural skin

Size: 8 inches to 12 inches

Battery: 2 AA batteries

Body Massagers and vibration dildos and penis sex toys are meant to release tension and can also be used during lovemaking and solo sex play. These female vibrators are battery operated and have multiple pulsation modes. A user can therefore control them according to the level of tension that she feels or release she desires. These female sex toys are available in all shapes and sizes, from a bullet vibrator to a pleasure pillar in all over India, like sex toys in bangalore, sex toys in surat, sex toys in mumbai. Our range of Female Sex Toys come from all around the world and can be used wonderfully well, either with your partner or all by yourself in the privacy of your own home.


Full Body Realistic Silicone Sex Super Girl

Lust, pleasure and contentment will now fuse together to bring men the best cuddling times on bed.
Have a look at this Full Body Realistic Silicone Sex Super Girl that looks super sexy with a realistic hot
body. Her sensuous eyes are sure to cast a chanting spell on your mind that will further allure you to
take her to bed and have unlimited fun. With a perfect figure and accurate body parts, this super girl
has been made out of pure silicone that makes her softer and easier to penetrate as well. Whether
you wish to make her wear a bikini or seductive lingerie, she would stand irresistible. She is 5.5
inches tall, which is good enough for a chic to turn on any men.
What you will love about this Full Body Realistic Silicone Sex Super Girl is its flexible structure that
allows it to lie down so that men can enjoy the strokes better and harder. Cleaning it will also be
quite effortless as it would take a bit of mild washing powder and water for the purpose. Once you
are done stroking, make sure to clean the private parts thoroughly, both inside and outside. Also,
before you take her to bed, clean each and every part with a toy cleaner so that you and your
genitals stay safe. So, do not delay any more and order online this Full Body Realistic Silicone Sex
Super Girl who will promise you enjoyment in bits and pieces.


Mini Love Roller (Elite) MLR-003

Playing with your partner’s body will now be fulfilled in a completely different style on this Mini Love Roller from the Elite series. It’s an ideal piece of furniture for the 21st century couples who are looking forward to having quality time with each other in private. Unmatched in quality and strength, this lovemaking furniture comes with an amazing support system provided by its high arc. Furthermore, it surpasses in terms of excellence and comes wrapped in a body made of ply board and wood. It weighs up to 250 kg and would remain strong for years to come.

Product: Mini Love Roller (Elite) MLR-003

Category: Lovemaking Furniture

Material: Wood and Ply board

Colour: Red, Orange, Brown, White, Lime and Yellow


Love Pillow (Elite) LP-003

Lend your boring hours a new addition in the form of a unique piece of lovemaking furniture, known as
Love Pillow. It belongs to the Elite series and has an eye-catching design. With a super sturdy
construction, it assures complete security for the partners. Made of premium quality material, this Love

Pillow will stay rough and tough, irrespective of how regularly it is used. What keeps it smooth on the
skin is its velvet type material. It is quite affordable and can be bought online. Now pick your preferred
shade from colours that include Red, Yellow, Brown, Lime and Green.
Product: Love Pillow (Elite) LP-003
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Velvet
Colour: Red, Yellow, Brown, Lime and Green


Basic Love Roller (Premium) BLR-002

Ifyou are alert to the importance of making loveto your partner, why not bring this time a Basic Love
Roller from the Premium series? As it has a very compact size, it will not be difficult to keep at any
corner of your room.It's quite fashionable and will be an excellentchoice for your interior decoration.
Once you start using it on a regular basis, you will have no back aches. This basic love roller is
of good quality and will stand strong for being made of good quality foam. Having a capacity to weigh up
to 250kg, it would easily take the weight of both you partners.
Product: Basic Love Roller (Premium) BLR-002
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Foam
Colour: Brown, Lime, Orange, Red, Yellow