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Who said erection is a big challenge for men? If you are one of them who have been facing problems in achieving long-term erection, this Erection Stimulator Penis Extender Sleeve will now make things easier. Made of good quality silicone, this penis extender sleeve is high on durability and is extremely comfortable to wrap up the penis. Once worn, the user will feel real sensations in his penis and will be able to hold on to his erections for long. One who wishes to enjoy a long-lasting solo session will love using this product with pleasure. So, stay safe and keep your penis hard and upright with this remarkable penis extender sleeve.

Product: Erection Stimulator Penis Extender Sleeve PES-029

Category: Penis Extender Sleeve

Material: ABS and Silicone



 Strap On Dildo Power on a belt! An intensely satisfying cock and ball strap on dildo made of super feel rubber. The perfectly shaped head and vein covered shaft providing you with ultimate vaginal penetration. The best part of this strap on dildo is that the other side is a pussy providing stimulation to the man as well. A strap on dildo sculpted from an erect penis, it looks and feels incredibly real. This strap on dildo comes complete with a fully adjustable elasticated strap-on harness.


Ideal Sex Toy for                                :          Female and Male

Strap-On Harness Size                       :         Fits anything up to a 46" waist

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Colour         :         Lustrous Purple

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Material     :         Rubber

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Functions   :       Multi-Speed Vibrating, Hollow & Vagina Shaft

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Length        :        8" Total - 6" Insertable

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Circumference :              5"

Flexible Sex Toy?

Firm and Flexible

1.4 inch dia

1.1 inch inner dia

Fittable with any size of Penis

FULL DESCRIPTION - Rampant Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Unisex with attached Vagina

Lustrous purple strap-on dildo power on a belt. Magnificently sculpted, the delightful shaft on this dildo strap-on vibrator is veined and features perfectly shaped head to provide you with maximum stimulation and penetration. This dildo strap-on vibrator is ideal for both female and male wearers due to the hollow shaft including a padded vaginal entry.

Many of our male customers like to use this strap on as a penis extender. Comes complete with strap-on dildo, comfortable and adjustable thick elasticated strap-on harness, a powerful but silent vibrator, multi-speed controls. A favourite Strap-On dildo vibrator that offers amazing value and provides full satisfaction.


Function: The Super Natural siloxane vibrator could be a high-quality vibrator which will be merely applied to the private parts. One will even apply fill up on that before use.

Material: Super Natural siloxane vibrator is formed of siloxane and this makes it quite snug and safe to use. Colour: Natural pink

Size: Being nine inches long, Super Natural siloxane vibrator has alternative sizes that go up to twelve inches. Special

feature: Supporting multi-speed vibration, the Super Natural siloxane vibrator can bring a sensational impact on one’s private parts.

Battery: Super Natural siloxane vibrator runs on 2 AA batteries

9” long,

Multi-speed vibration,

Material:- SILICONE

1.2 inch dia

  1. Product Description

    With little noise and large size and ambition, this girthy realistic vibrator stretches and fills, while a 10 mode motor provides powerful, whisper-quiet vibrations.


    Its realistic head feels sensational when inserted and builds from a 4.9 inch to incredibly satisfying 6.9 inch girth at its widest point. Take its full length to enjoy deep, satisfying sensations, as well as external caresses from a set of lifelike balls.


    To intensify your pleasure, click through each super-quiet speed and pattern using the wired controller and enjoy spine-tingling stimulation in a variety of positions.


    We recommend a generous coating of water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure with plenty of glide.

    Key Features:

    • Girthy realistic vibrating dildo with Multi Speed Remote
    • 10-function whisper-quiet-yet-powerful motor
    • Curved tip and textured, graduating 4.9 - 6.9 inch shaft
    • Lifelike balls offer external pleasure
    • Multi Speed Vibration controller

Pocket Pal is currently one of the most popular and fashionable sex masturbator for  male on the sex market .It is made of some imported materials from the United States and it's made from the super soft medical rubber.  It can  represent the world's best technology in the industry of manufacturing sex products . It feels like  a real person---her skin is smooth and soft and she can feel your love and moan. You can get 100% realistic feeling when using her. The built-in sound vibrating egg, let you have the feeling of ecstasy ,make you tremble for her love and bring you into  orgasm. This product is suitable for the elderly or the sexless or  the couples who have to be separated in two places or the ones who have very strong sexual desire or the divorced or single men. Of course it's especially suitable for the successful ones who go in for high-quality sex and life.

100% realistic feeling ! True love for you !

1: 2xAA battery

2: Multi-function of vibration

3: Weight: (about) 400g


4: 100% waterproof

5: Use it like real vagina

6: Please clean the items before and after using.


Products Desciption

Penis Extender Sleeve color : Flesh

Penis Extender Sleeve Material : polymer

Penis Extender Sleeve Total Length : 6"

Penis Extender Sleeve Circumference : 5"

Waterproof Sex Toy?


FULL DESCRIPTION - Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve

This outstanding 6 inch penis extender sleeve significantly improves what you and your partner experience during intercourse. The solid tip, rounded head and ribbed shaft on this penis extender sleeve gives her more penetration and stimulation then she could ever dream of. The balls bang up against her clit driving her from one climax to the next. Get this penis extender sleeve, unfold your full potential and show her just what you are capable of. One size will fit all - its very stretchy.


Masturbator Colour                    :       Flesh

Masturbator Material                 :       Silicone

Masturbator Features                 :   Realistic Vagina and Tight Anus Entry and Textured Inside

Masturbator Measurements       :    9 Inches Long and 6 Inches Wide

Flexible Masturbator?

Yes, Very Stretchy

Waterproof Masturbator?

Oh Yes!

Free Lubricant Sample?



Slide recommended bullet into the end of the sleeve to blow your mind!

FULL DESCRIPTION - Horny Rider Masturbator

Pick up this horny rider masturbator and get a superbly realistic pussy and a tight anus in the palm of your hand, ready to bring you to satisfying climax whenever you want it! This gorgeously formed masturbator has a tight entry hole and is textured internally for added stimulation and the deeply satisfying sensations of a real hot and willing pussy. The horny rider masturbator is made from real-skin, a new ultra-realistic skin material that's soft, fleshy and very easy to take care of. This will provide you with incredibly soft and highly realistic sensations meaning your solo sessions will never be the same again! Get one of our recommended bullets and slide it into the back of the sleeve for the best experience ever.



This awesome vibrator is a brilliant pick for all those who are willing to stay orgasmic all the time. For being made of silicone, it ensures no harm to the skin and has neither any side effect. Once you hold it in your hand, you will find it quite hard and smooth to play with. Since the remote control has been provided, it would let you customize the vibrations as per your choice. Moreover, you will get those vibrations right at the tip that will get you going. Measuring 8.5 inches in length, 1.9 inches in width, and 6.25 inches as insertable length, it would perfectly cater to your sexual needs. You will require two AA batteries to keep up this gadget running.

Product: Magic Silicone Realistic Vibrator RSV-048

Category: Realistic Vibrator

Material: Silicone

Colour: Natural skin

Battery: 2 AA batteries


Are you worried about your bed performances with your partner? The good news is that your
undersized genitals will now achieve a good shape and size. For being made of good quality ABS and
silicone, this penis enlargement device is absolutely safe and effective to work on the male genitals.
It comes with a LED screen and is white in colour. Besides, it is rechargeable and can be used
multiple times throughout the day. As it has a compact size, this LED Automatic Penis Enlarger Male
Enhancement does not take any space to store. Go for this new-age penis enlargement device today
and make your genitals bigger and better.
Product: LED Automatic Penis Enlarger Male Enhancement
Material: ABS and Silicone
Colour: White
Special feature: LED and Rechargeable
Dimensions: 300 x 73 mm (L x D)

₹8,074.05Regular price-5%₹8,499.00Price
Made of superior medical safe silica gel and high-quality leather,safe,non-poisonous and no odour.
Dildo is hard inside and soft outside,emulational skin,it can rotate in the angle of 360 degree.
Vivid dildo is soft smooth,emulational skin design,nice touch feeling in hand.
High-quality product,safe and durable.
Lesbian's products,double dildo design,you can enjoy the anal pleasure and your lover will simultaneously get sexual pleasure.
Product Description
This product has exquisite modeling and workmanship. The dildo is designed based on the need of body structure, which can strongly stimulate female sensitive parts. As for the sex of those having sexual dysfunction or those lesbians, it can promote bilateral sexual harmony and boost their relationship. This product is made of top-level medical materials, which is healthier,more comfortable and has no side effect. As a whole,it is the ideal product for those indoors and outdoors. 
Size:Small dildo is 4.5 inch and diameter is 1.02 inch;the large dildo is 6.5 inch and diameter is 1.97 inch 
Weight:16.93 oz