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    Bath Mate Hydromax x20 PE-015
    • Bath Mate Hydromax x20 PE-015

    Bath Mate Hydromax x20 PE-015

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    Looking for the latest addition to the bathmate range? Here comes Hydromax X20 that has been designed a bit smaller in comparison to X30 and X40. Men whose penis is not over 6 inches can now get this product ordered since it comes with 35% greater suction force and can trigger a growth up to 8.5 inches. Furthermore, what makes it work wonders on the penis is its Bellows Pump System. With this, one feels less pressure for the incorporation of a new soft sealing as well as a ring that provides full support and extreme comfort. This would keep men at ease, especially around their testicle region and penis base.

    The Super Flow Latch Valve system makes it easier for one to use in the shower while its new imperial guidance scale betters its viewing area. Furthermore, the upper and lower textures on the vacuum tube for better control and grip. Blue in colour, Bath Mate Hydromax X20 is made of plastic and is no doubt a sturdy penis pump to consider.

    Product: Bath Mate Hydromax X20

    Category: Penis Pump

    Material: Plastic

    Colour: Blue

    Size: Max 8.5 inches

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