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Strap On Harness with rear Support "Empyrean"

Get your back into it with this fully adjustable, lightweight strap on harness. The wide rear support belt offers comfort and stability, no matter how wild your play gets. The heavy duty hardware is built to last, while the soft lining and flexible nylon straps keep you secure in comfort. There is even a looped elastic strap for holding your remote, for hands-free vibrator play! The nickel-free metal ring is sized to accept most standard dildo sizes that have balls or a flared base, while the snap-in design allows you to swap out your own ring for even more size options.

Ring diameter: 50mm (2 ")

Fit waist: 75cm ~ 105cm (30 "~ 42")can be adjusted, belt width 3.2cm. Crotch part can be adjusted

Material: PU harness, polypropylene straps, elastic, nickel-free alloy ring, nickel-free iron snaps

Color: Black

Note: One size fits most. Dildo not included.

Male Fixing Leather Shorts / male chastity device / male cock cage harness belt Adult products









wearable butterfly whip - the vagina, clitoris, after the Court of triple stimulation

butterfly whip for the crowd: easy female orgasm: the vaginal opening it shallow strong stimulus, will allow you to climax stacked; stimulate the rear garden of pleasure, not all appliances can be achieved, before and after the attack to bring you unlimited pleasure;

first test female masturbation: it"s soft and small, to you only pleasure without any harm;

romantic couples foreplay: it game in her secret garden, to provoke her deepest desire &. .. & ... can enjoy the full range of 11,000 beats / minute the overclocking vibration pleasure, to s you directly to the top of the climax!

worn butterfly massager made from super soft medical polymer non-toxic materials, which can massage three sensitive areas, and a seven-stage frequency vibration function better materials, greater frequency and angle of rotation, the process is more refined; single, Miss Bai Ling and couples wishing to experience a new taste essential sex with! The

small dick inserted into the vagina, super unique convex tablets stimulate the clitoris and tail with the activities of joint adjustable angle insert court, wearable massage simply put, that is able to enjoy a comfortable pleasure!

butterfly wear massage attached to adjust the width of the elastic belt, regardless of size, Ms. suitable for all


crystal crystal clear, can also stimulate the body"s sensitive parts of the product, now let the exquisite jade crystal remote control butterfly to help you realize this dream. his personal care and keeps you feeling as happy a woman"s pleasure. wearable (transparent invisible wear), thread design, can be firmly wear to the Department on the body, comfortable and loaded with powerful oscillation produce up to 11 000 beats / min of ultra-high frequency oscillation, but also quiet design

transparent material, simulation small male genitalia can enhance your pleasure. comprehensive massage the sensitive parts of women"s passion from the outside to inside, completely meet women a full range of needs of remote vibration to meet the demand for more convenient climax single-handedly hold grip, ready to enjoy the infinite pleasure.

exquisite jade crystal remote control butterfly, new design more humane and beautiful appearance of the product modeling dynamic attractive with for wear ribbons bondage in the women"s thigh with the Ministry of freedom to control the pumping fork depth, the female vagina massage, accelerate local blood circulation, stimulate orgasm, ocrine regulation, to achieve physical therapy, the purpose of masturbation.


specifications : length 27.0cm, maximum diameter of 8.0cm, one installed.

materials: non-toxic medical polymer materials.

[to use]:
1 battery is installed correctly (This product uses three 1.5V batteries) with 75% of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub products
2. before use a generous amount of lubricant products (recommed with condoms use)
3. into the body, start switch, until climax
4. turn off the switch and exit from the body.


The Lil Starfish Strap On Vibrator is perfectly sized to ensure every super soft finger engulfs your vagina for complete stimulation. Slide the pearlescent pink waterproof vibrating bullet into the Lil Starfish Strap On, lie back and enjoy each of the 7 vibrating patterns on offer. The transparent straps are easily adjusted and fit up to a 36 inch waist. Enjoyed in the bedroom or whilst taking a warm relaxing bath, the Strap On Vibrator comes with a free set of batteries to get you going.

Batteries / Power : 3x Cell
Size / Dimensions : 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches
 Lil Starfish Strap On VibratorLil Starfish Strap On VibratorLil Starfish Strap On Vibrator   

For the girl who wants discreet, constant pleasure that's always close, The Lil' Starfish is a wearable treat that delivers all this and more. A classic strap on vibe in form, the Starfish has a curvy shape that fits against the body closely, and a intensely textured underside that sits against the clit. Soft, clear straps adjust to fit with simple closures, and since they're transparent, you could get away with almost any length of skirt, shorts or dress. The core of this vibe is a petite little bullet vibe that fits inside the body of the starfish, it has 7 breathtaking functions so you can pick the pattern and intensity that suits your purpose. If you're not in the mood to wear your vibe, just pop the bullet out and enjoy versatile sensation anywhere you choose, a single little push button on the base changes up the patterns and speed. The Lil' Starfish is fully waterproof for shower, pool or hot tub fun, just be sure to tighten the battery cap fully before getting wet. Takes 3 LR44 batteries (included).


  • Length - 4"
  • Width - 4 1/2" at widest
  • Material - TPR (thermoplastic rubber), ABS
  • Powered by - 3 x LR44 batteries
  • Special Features - Multi-speed, multi-function, waterproof
  • Color - Pink


 Strap On Dildo Power on a belt! An intensely satisfying cock and ball strap on dildo made of super feel rubber. The perfectly shaped head and vein covered shaft providing you with ultimate vaginal penetration. The best part of this strap on dildo is that the other side is a pussy providing stimulation to the man as well. A strap on dildo sculpted from an erect penis, it looks and feels incredibly real. This strap on dildo comes complete with a fully adjustable elasticated strap-on harness.


Ideal Sex Toy for                                :          Female and Male

Strap-On Harness Size                       :         Fits anything up to a 46" waist

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Colour         :         Lustrous Purple

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Material     :         Rubber

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Functions   :       Multi-Speed Vibrating, Hollow & Vagina Shaft

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Length        :        8" Total - 6" Insertable

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Circumference :              5"

Flexible Sex Toy?

Firm and Flexible

1.4 inch dia

1.1 inch inner dia

Fittable with any size of Penis

FULL DESCRIPTION - Rampant Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Unisex with attached Vagina

Lustrous purple strap-on dildo power on a belt. Magnificently sculpted, the delightful shaft on this dildo strap-on vibrator is veined and features perfectly shaped head to provide you with maximum stimulation and penetration. This dildo strap-on vibrator is ideal for both female and male wearers due to the hollow shaft including a padded vaginal entry.

Many of our male customers like to use this strap on as a penis extender. Comes complete with strap-on dildo, comfortable and adjustable thick elasticated strap-on harness, a powerful but silent vibrator, multi-speed controls. A favourite Strap-On dildo vibrator that offers amazing value and provides full satisfaction.



American Whopper 6.5" Dong With Harness Features


Strap-On Lets You Sport Your Very Own Erection!

Here's a strap-on that's as close to the real thing as you can get! You can feel the details! From his engorged head, down the veiny 6 1/2" long shaft to his big balls –– this 1 1/2" wide PVC dong works great on its own or with the harness! A suction cup base holds it still for solo thrusting. Adjustable to 44" waist keeps your dong in place.

The cock shaped dildo is ready to please her or him, with realistic sculpting. Your American Whopper 6.5" Dong With Harness holds almost any of your other dildos with a base, so you can enjoy different experiences.

• 6.5" x 1.5" dong with suction cup base
• Adjustable harness straps up to 44"

Straps on – stays on!

Whether it’s a night of couples fun, role reversal or a "girl's night out" sex adventure, this American Whopper 6.5" Dong With Harness will do the trick. The adjustable polyurethane harness gives you plenty of support for the removable dong dildo. You can thrust all night in hassle-free, secure comfort.

American Whopper 6.5" Dong's design is the closest thing to real, with a knobby sculpted head that glides in smoothly. Molded veins and ridges thrill your partner as over 6" thrusts in and out for even more sensations. And the generous 1.5" wide girth should satisfy your partner vaginally and in some cases anally while still being comfortable. And your American Whopper's curved, erect penis is designed to stimulate the G-spot or the prostate for unforgettable orgasms.

Be sure to use plenty of sex lube with any strap on - especially if you're packing in any anal adventures. For easy clean-up, try a water-based lube, or use a condom on the dong.

Clean the American Whopper 6.5" Dong With Harness by wiping it down with a soft cloth dampened in warm, soapy water. Clean the dong attachment the same way or with Adam & Eve Essentials Toy Cleaner, rinse, and pat dry. For even easier clean-up try using a condom with this sex toy.

This strap on isn't just for couples play - when your partner's away, the dildo has a suction-cup base for solo fun. Attach it to the shower wall, the edge of the tub or a smooth-surface table or chair and bounce to a blissful hands-free orgasm.

Due to manufacturer pricing policies, we are unable to offer further (all) discounts on this item.

Product Details
Function:  Waterproof, Realistic shape, Textured shaft, Adjustable, Battery not included.
Length: 6.5 inches
Material: Realistic
Colors: Beige
Width: 1.50 inches
Gender: Female & Male (Both)

Hollow: Yes


Need sexual apparatus export-oriented , adult products currently on the market one of the best . Sold around the world . Equipped with a holster. Wearable designs , which can be flirting between husband and wife , there can be used as a tool caress Ms. homosexuality . Front of the " dildo " is a favorite with women , so that sexual orgasm ! All parts are made ​​from materials imported from Japan , plump and elastic. Marital intercourse can also be used as make up the gap between the tool can also be used as foreplay , and the woman did not fully meet the bench tool.
Dimensions shown below. A loading
Medical Polymer non-toxic materials
1 Insert the battery correctly ( the product use 2 AA batteries )
(2) prior to use with 75% of medical alcohol disinfectant scrub products, products coated with suitable lubricant ( recommended used together with condoms )
3 Insert the body , start switch, until the climax
4 Off switch, and exit from the body .
This product is for personal use , pay attention to cleaning before and after use and effective area clean ; using the right amount of lubricant , the better ; recommended with condom use ; had heart disease, high blood pressure, local skin injury, caution ; minors declined use this product.



Important Information

Safety Information avoid injury or aggravation of pre-existing conditions,this device should not be used on swollen or inflamed areas or skin lacerations. no medical claims are warranted or implied by the use of this product. 2. the battery not installed correctly may cause appliance part function is not normal. 3. equipment maintenance please use neutral bath dew or special detergent cleaning nursing. 4.implement long-term need not take out the batteries, so as to avoid the battery leakage corrosion circuit.

Use steps: 1.Put 2AAA batteries into the battery warehouse,ensure the battery good contacts, so as not to affect the normal work of the product. 2.Rotating coping "On/off",adjustable control level transformation of the bullet mode and transformation of the penis mode .

Product Description

Wash it before and after each use.with liquid,antibacterial soap and water.
(Do not get battery or vibrator wet,do not immerse in water)

ribbed 9" shaft,G-spot stimulator holds dong in place with anal plug stimulate female genitals of each place sensitive area.
portable hand free design,
multiple speed control
powerful vibration and affectionate reach, let you reach the top of my joy!
make sure the battery warehouse bottom tightened.
Avoid not tighten the battery warehouse lead to bad contacts can't work.


Multi-speed vibrations







Skin-safe rubber



For hands-free clitoral stimulation the butterfly vibrator really is the best of the bunch. Called a ‘butterfly’ because of the shape of the vibrating stimulator, this amazing sex toy comes with straps that attach around the waist and thighs, providing hands-free stimulation like nothing else.

The butterfly vibrator has quickly become one of the more popular female sex toys for a number of reasons including the fact that it is small and discreet enough to be worn inside underwear for use pretty much anywhere! But also because it’s completely hands-free, with some models even offering a wireless remote control making it ideal not only for use alone, but also with a partner, leaving your hands free to touch your partner or yourself. Just wait until you’ve experienced wearing one of these in public and give your partner the remote to control it…read my friend’s story about doing just that with the My First Butterfly wireless vibrator!

While the ‘butterfly’ is the original design, there have been many adaptations including the flower vibrator, bird vibrator, dolphin vibrator and even a ladybug vibrator, all providing a slightly different level of stimulation.

With the rise in popularity of the butterfly vibrator there are a lot of different models available, each providing it’s own unique type of orgasmic fun, so it’s worth having a look around to see which one is just right for you…

  • Quantity: 1   Piece
  • Package Size: 34.0 * 24.0 * 7.0 ( cm )
  • Gross Weight/Package: 0.5 ( kg )






 This top choice dildo strap on vibrator includes a completely irresistible clit bumper delivering a stimulation experience second to none. A quality dildo strap on vibrator including powerful vibrations and a padded vagina shaped entry point for the ultimate ride. The hollow shaft makes it suitable for both male and female wearers.

LeLuv® 6.5” Vibrating Male Strap On

Key Features:

Firm, vibrating tip Hollow middle Give your partner the thick, throbbing penis they’ve always dreamed of Medium strap stretches from 26” to 50” (66 cm to 127 cm) Large strap stretches from 30” to 60” (72.6 cm to 152.4 cm) Boosts confidence Brings couples closer togethe

tion or simply want to give your partner an enormous surprise, this strap on is for you! The first 4 inches are firm for easy entry, but after that the veined shaft is hollow so you can place yourself inside and thrust as usual – only now you’ll be packin’ an enormous 6.5 inch love machine with a handsome 1.6 inch girth. The firm yet supple material is vigorously veined for a realistic and immensely pleasurable experience.


Ideal Sex Toy for                                :          Female and Male

Strap-On Harness Size                       :         Fits anything up to a 46" waist

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Colour         :         Lustrous Purple

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Material     :         Rubber

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Functions   :       Multi-Speed Vibrating, Hollow Shaft

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Length        :        8" Total - 6" Insertable

Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Circumference :              5"

Flexible Sex Toy?


Firm and Flexible

Whether you’re self-conscious of your size, suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply want to give your partner an enormous surprise, this strap on is for you! The first 4 inches are firm for easy entry, but after that the veined shaft is hollow so you can place yourself inside and thrust as usual – only now you’ll be packin’ an enormous 7.5 inch love machine with a handsome 1.6” girth. The firm yet supple material is vigorously veined for a realistic and immensely pleasurable experience..

LeLuv® 7.5” Vibrating & Rotating Female Strap On

LeLuv 7.5” Vibrating & Rotating Female Lesbian Strap On

Fulfill your lover's fantasy with this perfect size hallow Female Lesbian strap on/ extension.

  • 7.5"  in length, 1.6"  in thickness, this female strap on is the answer to "size matters"
  • Hollow, yet rigid PPA Strap on or extension
  • Comfortable extra wide elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes up from 26" (66 cm) waist to 50 in. (127 cm) waist, while the 7.5" phthalate-free realistic dong will always be erect and ready and hit the right spot every time
  • Looks great, feels great, and stays in place!
  • Can be worn by women and men
  • Multi speed with dial control, easily adjusts the speed and powerful vibration to drive your lover crazy
  • Remote holster allows for hand free use
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)

Some Item Specific

Dildo Length:                                  7.5 in
Dildo Width:                                    1.6 in
Material:                                         Safe and phthalate free
Vibrating:                                        Yes, Multi Speed

 Mr. Limpy Whopper 7.8” Vibrating Female Lesbian Strap On is also belong to a kind of large dildo, but it is different from the tradition, which has special structure and function, and we promise that Strap on Dildo Panty will take you to experience a wonderful different sexual time.
  • Strap on harness olds most dildos with a base.
  • Made from non-toxic medical material that is no harmness to your skin.
  • Measures 7.80 inches length and 2.09 inches width.
  • Perfect fully waterproof for limitless pleasure.
  • Enough to create a wonderful and magic sexual climax.
  • In fantastic charming black color.
The Mr. Limpy Whopper 7.8” Vibrating Female Lesbian Strap On is made from non-toxic medical material that is no harmness to your body and skin, so you do not need to worry about the sense of comfort. 
Strap on Dildo Panty is composed of black leather panty and dildo. The whole design of Strap on Dildo Panty is to make you be the real man and enjoy your sexual time. The real glants penis will touch your g spot directly and help you to find the new sensitive area. Plus, the simulation skin will make you enjoy the sense of real people. 



Product Description

This New series of Vibrating Dong with strap on as it celebrates the accumulation of all of our senses. It is meant to surprise, seduce, and unleash desires beyond our wildest dreams. A real-size strap-on for full-figured women. Plus-Size Strap-On flatters and fits women with curves, using an adjustable leather waistband that easily accommodates up to bigger Size. Ultra comfortable Nylon harness easily adjusts to fit varying sizes, making it the most versatile strap-on set on the market. Realistic Medical grade silicone dildo is sensually ridged and veined for the look and feel of the real thing. Strong metal O-ring comfortably holds dong securely in place when the action heats up.

Strap On Dongs with vibrating function
10 Mode Vibrations
Remote Controlled
Luxurious body safe silicone
Smooth, unscented, phthalate free
Water proof Dongs
also in Flesh/ Pink/ Purple
Material: TPE, ABS, Imitation Leather, Nylon belt
Battery: 2AAA (not included)

  • Strap On Dongs with vibrating function
  • 10 Mode Vibrations and Remote Controlled
  • Luxurious body safe silicone
  • Smooth, unscented, phthalate free
  • Water proof Dongs