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    Silicone Breast Triangle D Cup SBP-003
    • Silicone Breast Triangle D Cup SBP-003

    Silicone Breast Triangle D Cup SBP-003

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    Tear Drop-shaped Silicone Breast Enhancer Size 7
    Increase your bust size 3-4 cup sizes
    Equivalent to a D cup for someone flat chested.
    1.Backs are slightly concave for comfortable fit to chest.
    2.Very Modest Nipple on the medium size. No nipple on the larger sizes to allow more versatility in placement.
    3.Breast forms are soft and flexible.
    4.Made with high quality silicone
    5.They bounce, feel and weigh the same as real breast.
    6.Washable and reusable. (DO NOT machine wash)
    silicone breast forms

    Silicone breast insert
    1. Can be worn up your chest or across your chest to your body or clothing
    2. Watch them come alive in a full cup,soft front bra.
    3. Mildly concave to reduce weight while maintaining shape and bounce.
    4. The curved back of the form also works well for heavier girls with developed pecs or breast tissue.
    5. Lots of projection without being too wide for your chest.
    6. .Soft as a natural youthful breast.This amazing silicone breast form feels firm and nature.
    Use clean water washing (don`t use chemical detergent), with soft cloth dry
    This product does not take paste function.
    Don`t break the BREAST FORMS film
    Can`t force squeezing or knead BREAST FORMS
    Don`t take the BREAST FORMS  in the sun blazed  or high temperatures.
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