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    Silicone Squeeze Breast Ball SBP-004
    • Silicone Squeeze Breast Ball SBP-004

    Silicone Squeeze Breast Ball SBP-004

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    Diameter: approx 7CM
    Weight: 0.25kg
    PAIR of Boob Stress Relievers

    These Boob Stress Relievers are a fun, squishy, sexy set of boobs that will gently ease the stresses and strains of modern, hectic lifestyles!  
    • Each Stress Reliever is made from soft rubbery silicone
    • Each boob measure approximately 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" each
    • The Boob Stress Relievers are ideal gifts for anyone old enough! 
    They say you’re either a leg or a breast man. Would you rather squeeze a soft rubber leg or get your hands around a pair of delightfully smooth, perky, titillating (no punintended)  Boob Stress Relievers! Rounded and and firm, never saggy, yet remarkably raunchy, this really is a stress ball with a seductive difference! 
                 THE PERFECT GIFT!
    This fabulously firm Boob Stress Reliever will sooth your cares away! 
    Ideal as office gifts and stocking stuffers, our Boob Stress Relievers seduce your hands as you kneed and squeeze your way to relaxation.  A great alternative to stress balls, why not treat a man in your life to our Boob Stress Relievers?  Realistic flesh tones and nipple detailing, squeeze a breast without getting a slap! 
    Our Boob Stress Relievers will help you relieve daily worries as well as sexual frustration.  As there is no actual woman attached, you can fondle to your heart’s content!
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