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    Jumbo Mimi Ball SBP-005
    • Jumbo Mimi Ball SBP-005

    Jumbo Mimi Ball SBP-005

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    Squeeze, cuddle, spank and press this Jumbo Mimi Ball to your heart’s content like what you had otherwise done to your partner. This soft toy is made of premium quality material that is absolutely safe for the skin. This is no doubt one of the softest erotic products you can have for meeting your carnal pleasures. Bring home one today and take pleasure in using it for your physical satisfaction.

    Jumbo Mimi Ball is skin in colour and looks quite natural like a female breast. It is quite big in size and has been perfectly designed to satisfy men.

    Product: Jumbo Mimi Ball

    Category: Sex Toy

    Function: It is a soft toy in the form of a female breast designed for erotic pleasures.

    Colour: Skin

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