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    Sex Male hunter Love Doll ILD-003
    • Sex Male hunter Love Doll ILD-003

    Sex Male hunter Love Doll ILD-003

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    This is a really handsome male doll that has been hand customized. He has been redone to be anatomically enhanced. He has an erect penis. This doll is just fantastic. He is 5.5 feet tall and is a very fun and unusual. He is being sold nude . He has never been played with or displayed. He has gorgeous molded brown hair and big blue eyes.

    Semi-solid Inflatable doll masturbation real body temperature live voice Sex Dolls hbvjh ; height of 167cm, measurements: 86cm 63cm 88cm;Gift:Inflatable tube, sound vibration Tiaodan, a box of condoms, lubricant bottle, repair quote,


    Semi-solid inflatable doll, using the simulation results of the latest technology in Japan the skin, in accordance with the real model making, simulation and high, feel good, real skin, you can put on different clothes for her, she is the privacy of your most faithful lover. 

    Semi-solid inflatable doll Size: Height :165-167cm 
    ;weight: 3.5-4kg

    Quick Details:-


    Height after inflate: 167cm

    Net weight: 4kg

    Gross weight: 4.4kg


    Detailed Product Description:

    1)Two entries of love:Oral sex,dildo sexual intercourse

    2)Can withstand the pressure of 100kg

    3)composition:Advanced Medical material non-toxic PVC

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