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Durex Play multi-speed Bullet Vibrator BV-040

Women looking forward to enjoy orgasm at its best can now bring home this Durex Play multi-speed Bullet Vibrator. It is a vibrating bullet designed to provide clitoral and all over body stimulation for hours of pleasure. Besides, it is absolutely discreet and powerful and is designed to give you long hours of unmatched pleasure. It inspires you to discover new pleasures and gets you in the mood for more stimulating and adventurous foreplay. What makes Durex Play multi-speed Bullet Vibrator stand out are its multiple vibrating effects that result in multiple sensations for the user.

  •          Multiple vibrations
  •          Clitoral stimulator
  •          Real orgasmic pleasure
  •          Good quality material

Soft Silicone Karela Fun Vibrator FV-016

Feel at the top of the world with this new-age Soft Silicone Karela Fun Vibrator that will now bring you the wildest of stimulations. As far as its material is concerned, it is made of premium quality silicone that makes it is high on strength and durability. With a length of 4.9 inches, it would let the user have optimum satisfaction. Its special feature is that it has strong vibrations that bring users multiple sensations at the same time. Powered by two LR44 batteries, it would stand strong for long hours. What’s unique is its shape that resembles that of karela, one of the popular vegetables consumed by men and women.

  •          Made if silicone
  •          Durable
  •          Strong vibrations
  •          Orgasm stimulator

Wave Alice Luxury Vibrator LXV-031

Women are now going to have a super time with themselves as here comes the new-age Wave Alice Luxury Vibrator for wild sessions. Made of good quality silicone, it is safer to use. Purple in colour, it has a sleek design that makes it insert smoothly inside the female genitals. It has a white base that complements its look as well. Wave Alice Luxury Vibrator is powerful enough to send sensations through the genitals. So, if you are among those women who wish to achieve satisfaction during your intimate hours, just try playing with it once. If possible, use a toy cleaner or a lubricant for better results.

  •          Made of silicone
  •          Purple in colour
  •          Durability
  •          Safe to use

Desire Alice Luxury Vibrator LXV-032

If you want to take a sensual massage after a hectic day at home with the help of your partner, get this Desire Alice Luxury Vibrator. With this massaging device, you can now take this excitement to a new level. The material used is good quality silicone that makes it easy to clean and safe to use. Enjoy to the fullest during your intimate moments as the Desire Alice Luxury Vibrator creates an absolute soothing yet wild sensations on the female private part. It is also quite light in weight, sleek in look, and can be used with no effort at all. In fact, you will be able to carry it in your purse while travelling.

  •          Made of silicone and ABS
  •          USB rechargeable
  •          Wireless
  •          20 vibration modes

Female Prostate Alice Luxury Vibrator LXV-033

The Female Prostate Alice Luxury Vibrator will bring you a wild experience you never had. It is indeed a fantastic device that takes no effort in reaching the most sensitive female organ, stimulates it well and keeps one ready for the ultimate action. Having made of superior quality silicone and ABS, this Female Stimulation masturbator is just too good for a solo performance. Violet in colour, it looks quite stylish. It is 11.5 cm in length and 2.7 cm in diameter that are good enough for a deep stimulation. Also, what makes it convenient to use is that it is USB rechargeable.

  •          Made of silicone and ABS
  •          Violet in colour
  •          Deep stimulation
  •          USB rechargeable

Weapon Luxurious Steel Vibrator LXV-034

Those who are willing to satisfy oneself with an artificial male private organ can now get this Weapon Luxurious Steel Vibrator. It can also make some wonderful solo sessions with the partner’s participation. Being made of good quality steel, Weapon Luxurious Steel Vibrator is strong and sturdy and can be warmed or cooled before use. It has a total length of 9 inches and insertable length of 4.8 inches. The vibrating mode is one of the highlighting features of Weapon Luxurious Steel Vibrator. 2 AA batteries are required to power up this product.

  •          Steel colour
  •          Durable
  •          Vibration enabled
  •          Safe to use

Soft Dotted Realistic Vibrator RSV-003

Take a look at this Soft Dotted Realistic Vibrator that will now make your solo sessions completely satisfactory. It has a vibrant look as it is orange in colour and looks like a real penis. It has been given a perfect shape and design that makes it a perfect pick for women willing to have fun with themselves. Made of TPR, it assures safety for the user and involves no artificial chemical. Soft Dotted Realistic Vibrator has a multi-speed vibration feature. This lets one enjoy varying effects on her genitals. Also, it is waterproof that makes it safe to play in water.

  •          Orange in colour
  •          Made of TPR
  •          Soft and durable
  •          Easy to use

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