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Love Pillow

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Love Pillow (Basic) LP-001

Forget everything about your slow going sex life and bring home this Love Pillow from the Basic series
that will now add a zing to your a new lifestyle. You will not find anywhere this type of furniture for
having unlimited fun. With a design and look that are so different, the Love Pillow from the Basic series
would now let you enjoy strong stimulations. Just take your partner along, make her dress the way you
want and let her lie on it for an action-packed session. Made of silk type material, it is super comfortable
and will make users have a pleasant experience.
Product: Love Pillow (Basic) LP-001
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Silk type fabric
Colour: Pink and Parrot Green




Love Pillow (Elite) LP-003

Lend your boring hours a new addition in the form of a unique piece of lovemaking furniture, known as
Love Pillow. It belongs to the Elite series and has an eye-catching design. With a super sturdy
construction, it assures complete security for the partners. Made of premium quality material, this Love

Pillow will stay rough and tough, irrespective of how regularly it is used. What keeps it smooth on the
skin is its velvet type material. It is quite affordable and can be bought online. Now pick your preferred
shade from colours that include Red, Yellow, Brown, Lime and Green.
Product: Love Pillow (Elite) LP-003
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Velvet
Colour: Red, Yellow, Brown, Lime and Green


Love Pillow (Premium) LP-002

Have long hours of fun, poses and stroking on this Love Pillow from the Premium series. Designed to let
users take multiple sexual positions, this lovemaking furniture will simply take your enjoyment to the
peak. What it specializes in is that it lets users take their hips in accurate positions for a more enjoyable
experience. This would help each other stay aligned for the perfect action. Now tickle your girl’s G-spot
with no effort on this Love Pillow and that too without giving much effort. Moreover, its foam-made
body makes it quite soothing to lie upon.
Product: Love Pillow (Premium) LP-002
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Foam
Colour: Brown, Red, Lime, Orange, Yellow