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Basic Love Roller In India
Basic Love Roller

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Basic Love Roller (Basic) BLR-001

Nothing can get your bed life rocking than this awesome piece of furniture, the Basic Love Roller. It
comes from the Basic series and stands out in terms of its design, allow partners to embrace each other
out of lust and passion. With an unmatched design, it reflects sheer craftsmanship, making users
experiment on themselves with fun and pleasure. Safe and strong, this lovemaking furniture will keep
you at ease and will let you fall off it, no matter how excited you stay in action. Modish and robust, this
love roller with its central contour will make you go for deeper penetrations for a perfect orgasmic
Product: Basic Love Roller (Basic) BLR-001
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Leatharite
Colour: Red, Black, Cream, Purple, Green


Basic Love Roller (Premium) BLR-002

Ifyou are alert to the importance of making loveto your partner, why not bring this time a Basic Love
Roller from the Premium series? As it has a very compact size, it will not be difficult to keep at any
corner of your room.It's quite fashionable and will be an excellentchoice for your interior decoration.
Once you start using it on a regular basis, you will have no back aches. This basic love roller is
of good quality and will stand strong for being made of good quality foam. Having a capacity to weigh up
to 250kg, it would easily take the weight of both you partners.
Product: Basic Love Roller (Premium) BLR-002
Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Foam
Colour: Brown, Lime, Orange, Red, Yellow


Love Roller (Elite) BLR-003

It is very basic to remain in comfort while having intercourse and this Basic Love Roller from the Elite
series is simply too great. Despite the fact that it looks very trendy, you don't have to spend too much
money for it. This lovemaking furniture is just magical in letting you try hot poses with your accomplice
so you can remain tangled with her body. What makes it worth is its velvet material of premium quality
that makes it quite soft. No matter for how long you wish to lie on it, you will remain comfortable.
Product: Basic Love Roller (Elite) BLR-003

Category: Lovemaking furniture
Material: Velvet
Colour: Red, Yellow, Brown, Lime and Royal Green