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Be ready to have a new masturbating experience with this oral silicone male masturbator having a luscious tongue out for sucking. Creatively designed, this oral male masturbator has been crafted out of excellent quality silicone that makes it soft against the user’s body. Moreover, it is absolutely skin-friendly and also lets one clean with no effort as well. It looks unique among other male masturbators for its portable size that allows the user to easily fit into his hands. Scoring high in portability, it can be easily carried from one place to another.

Let’s take a quick look at some of its features:

·         Made of silicone

·         Skin colour

·         Red seductive tongue

·         Portable and compact

·         Easy to clean

·         Skin-friendly and easy to use

Best for stimulating oral sex, this innovative male erotic toy creates wild sensations on the male genitals and makes him feel pleasurable. As it takes no space to sore, it can be kept in a box. For better results, try using it with water based lubes. What also makes it easier to clean is its compact body. With the help of a few clicks, you can now make this oral silicone male masturbator yours by paying a reasonable price.


Super Soft Silicone Pussy MMT-011

Now take absolute pleasure in penetrating this fantastic Super Soft Silicone Pussy and discover an amazing tight ass just waiting for you to sink your manhood deep inside! Soft, tight and sensational beyond belief, this realistic masturbator is even better than the real thing. It includes a tight hole and delightfully textured inside for extra stimulation and powerful penetration. Made from real-skin, a new ultra-realistic skin material that is soft, fleshy and very easy to take care of. This masturbator provides you incredibly soft, realistic pleasure and means that your solo sessions will never be the same again.

  •          Soft to use
  •          Silicone
  •          Real skin
  •          Realistic stroker

This masturbator is made of very soft material with pink color inside structure. The entrance is designed for avoiding lotion's backflow, tight shape tunnel with realistic flesh nubs around the path, feel different excitement from every angle! The inside of the sleeve is full of realistic looking bumps and grooves that vary in shape and angle. The overall path is a slight curve. This curve is actually designed to work with the body shape of the sleeve. Enjoy this beautiful pussy and make it your sex partner.


Compact, portable and jaw-droppingly realistic, this super pussy masturbator feels totally amazing and is small enough to go anywhere with you. No matter where you are or what you're doing, you can now have a sweet, tight and juicy pussy right in the palm of your own hand! It comes with three different colors and a vibrating bullet for the best experience ever.



Top Male Pleasure Toys in India

The best male masturbation toys in India are here. Artificialtoys now bring a classy range of male masturbation toys for all men ready to give a twist to their sex life. Masturbation is one of the most pleasurable acts that give men erotic satisfaction.

Here, male masturbation toys make a difference by releasing men from monotonousness and bringing happiness to their doorstep. Compared to those hands, the male masturbation toys would be the kinkiest alternative to a man’s solo play.


Benefits to Buy Male Masturbator Online in India

Forget cheap and low quality because our male masturbation toys never compromise in these aspects. Artificial toys have the most cost-effective, phthalate-free, top-quality, and mind-blowing toys for male masturbation.

Whether you want a realistic vagina, a soft pussy, a realistic masturbator, or other male intimacy products, we have a variety to surprise men. Also, these male masturbation toys have brought sexual benefits to many men, for which the demands are soaring with time. So, here is a quick look at some of the benefits of male masturbation toys:


➡️  Keeps men sexually active

As stated above, the range of male masturbation toys is so huge that men will get plenty of variations in choosing their desired masturbator. Every product comes in a different shape and look. The intention behind this is to make men fulfil their naughty desires. Hence, our male intimacy products will play a big role in keeping a man’s sex life active.


➡️  Helps Beginners Practice Solos

Some men hesitate to play with a masturbation toy for the first time. They wonder if it would be safe. However, our male adult toys for beginners comprise toxic-free materials like silicone and soft skin. Proper maintenance and usage will lead to good results in the sex lives of beginners.


➡️  Good Alternative to Typical Masturbation

Gone are the days when men depended on their hands and fingers to masturbate. The 21st-century male masturbation toys are outstanding with realistic private organs of women. So, men can masturbate by touching and playing with a girl’s private parts. They no longer need to imagine and drool because our male masturbation toys promise satisfaction at its best.


➡️  Playing and Feeling Real Skin

Toys often seem to be artificial for sexual pleasure. But our male masturbation toys are so lifelike that men will hardly feel they are playing with a toy. Our toys are made of soft skin that gives them the real feel of touching a hot girl in bed. So, men who have always thought of getting intimate with kinky girls will meet their desires with our male masturbation toys.


➡️  Prepares you to perform with your Real partner

Men whose partners had complained that they are poor performers will now emerge to be champs with our realistic male masturbators. Also, those men who wish to score more in bed can take these toys as a good means of preparation with their partners. With our exclusive solo play devices for men, their libido will be a lot better than before.


Our Male Masturbation Toys Bring More Happiness and Confidence 

There are often circumstances when men lack self-confidence and end up in despair and disappointment. To make them happier and more confident, our male masturbation toys will show them a new way to rediscover their erotic powers. What men have not experienced, not felt, and not seen will all be present in our male masturbators.

Here are a few picks among our male masturbation toys. Have a look:


➡️  Horny Rider Masturbator

When a tight anus and a realistic pussy will come together to please you in bed, you are sure to blow up. The horny rider masturbator has a length of 9 inches and a width of 6 inches. Made of good-quality silicone, this male masturbator is stretchy and comes with a tight entry hole. This masturbator feels soft on the skin and creates irresistible sensations for a perfect climax.


➡️  Handy Humpers

If doggy style is your favourite, go for Handy Humpers. This product comprises a seductive vagina that looks real. Alongside, the ass would be visible, which would take seconds for men to arouse. It is 12 inches long and 7 inches wide. Made of love skin, it is safe for the skin and promises an unmatched experience for men in bed.


➡️  Spanish Girl

Meet the Spanish Girl who is ready to give men the kinkiest vibes one can ever imagine. As it comes in a full silicone body, it feels heavenly to touch. She looks so real, as if waiting restlessly for a loud performance. She weighs 610 grams, which is light in weight. So, if you want to carry her from one room to another, she will respond to your needs.


➡️  Perfect Lover Pussy

What men focus on during lovemaking is how they penetrate. The Perfect Lover Pussy, with its multiple vibration settings, comes with a length of 7 inches and a width of 3 inches. As it comes in love skin, it takes a realistic look and gives men orgasmic sensations through its ribbed internal area. The look of it is so alluring that a man would take seconds to grab it and go.


➡️  Jade Hand Vagina

Here comes the hot and sensual Jade Hand Vagina, leaving men in a pool of kinky sensations. It promises a realistic feel and is 22 cm long. It is easy to use and effortless to clean with a soapy solution or a toy cleaner. If you are looking for a sex buddy, she would promise to be a true one for you.

The male masturbation toys mentioned above are all safe to use. The materials used in all these toys ensure no side effects on the human skin.


Last Words

The male masturbation toys are best bets for men who wish to bring a change in their daily sex life. All men can masturbate. But what if our male masturbation toys can make things a bit better? With these toys, men would not only masturbate with new thoughts but gain more pleasure and confidence with time. Even these male intimacy products can be used during foreplay and other sex acts. Hence, the decision to buy male masturbation toys in India from artificial toys would be a wise one.


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