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Why Intercourse Alone is Not Enough for Your Female Partner?

Why Intercourse Alone is Not Enough for Your Female Partner?

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When you utter ‘intercourse’, you relate it with penetration. Is it not true that there is intimacy satisfaction beyond intercourse? Every woman would agree that there are naughtier ways to enjoy sex. For some women, penetration is boring because you get the same friction, the same feel, and the same reactions. It’s true that women look for new things in bed to enjoy sex. So, if you think intercourse is everything in sex, you are wrong.


Intimacy Satisfaction Beyond Intercourse Unlocks Real Pleasure

Experts dealing with the physical emotions of the human body have found interesting facts. One of them is a woman’s arousal depends not on the type of sexual act. It largely depends on what kind of touch she loves enjoying. The index finger in a circular motion on the belly button can induce massive sexual sensations in a woman. Even it is said that it makes women go wilder than that done on her clit.

Again, there were statements in reports saying if a man rubs his hand in slow motion against her thighs, she will take 1 minute 48 seconds to get an orgasm. So, it is not intercourse this time but outer course that plays the trick. Probably, this is why many couples prefer oral sex or simple clitoral stimulation with a toy during the climax.


Break the Chain – Enjoy the Pain

Most couples follow the typical chain of lovemaking:

Coming Close ➡ Kissing and Smooching  ➡ Undressing ➡ Foreplay ➡ Intercourse ➡ Sleep  (ᴗ˳ᴗ)


Well, if one has to enjoy intimacy satisfaction beyond intercourse, pull off the chain for a new pain. Keep no plans and just be spontaneous. Break the order and start with clitoral stimulation. Ask your man not to ejaculate too fast; allow yourself to get an orgasm first, and let him watch you naked, reading a book, or working in the kitchen.


Toys Can Unlock Better Stories

If you think your partner wants more spice, get a toy. Visit our online sex toys store & get exclusive collection. Never take it as something that replaced boredom. No, your fingers, hands, lips, and every part of your body count in sex. A sex toy like a vibrator or a glass dildo can be a great addition to your intimate sessions. Believe it or not, when a girl keeps a vibrator on her clit, she feels a rapid sensation, unlike the human hand. The vibrating motor stirs the genitals so well that women find heaven in it.

According to studies, 45% of men between 25 and 42 said they prefer using vibrators on their partners. When they watch them going wild and yelling, they start getting erections, and this makes the entire session so seductive.


Let your Tongue Speak your Diverse Desires

As stated earlier, the vagina and the penis need not meet necessarily. They can have other associations and still get wet. So, what about the tongue? Those good with tongue jobs know how this can arouse a woman like anything. Keep aside lube; use the tongue, and let her lubricate from inside for female pleasure.

Another good idea is to talk to your partner about everything you feel and expect. You never know she might want more oral sex than going penetrative. She might not express it; it’s you who can approach. It might be probable that your man might want some more time with the tits. He may prefer getting intimate with a blow job, and that’s incredible!


Last Words

Don’t you still think your intimacy satisfaction beyond intercourse is now possible? Remember, you always create an impression at work with your creativity. Similarly, sex demands innovation in bed. Keep aside intercourse because it can happen any day. Go oral, play with toys, get a blow job, stimulate the clit, and invite craziness to bed.



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