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Masturbation during Menstruation: Benefits, Tips, and Safety

Masturbation during Menstruation: Benefits, Tips, and Safety

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There is no specific time to masturbate. It can click your mind anytime. Even the desire for masturbation during menstruation is normal, and many women don’t hesitate. Despite this, the question comes whether it is safe to masturbate when you are on period. Medical experts say there is no harm in masturbating during this phase. However, you need to be aware of the mess that might not happen if there are precautions.


Safety Tips and Benefits on Masturbation during Menstruation

It can be the first time you wish to tease your genitals while menstruating. Likewise, you might be hesitant about whether it can affect your health. Some even doubt whether the menstrual blood oozing out after masturbating will cause harm. Well, it’s a myth as there is nothing wrong with the menstrual blood unless you have a blood-related complication in your body. So, let’s find out some benefits and tips on masturbation during period:


  • Keeps you Out of Pain

There are no words to explain the discomfort in menstruation women take with vigor from their first day. However, masturbation can be a good way out to help them relieve pain. Back pain is one of the common symptoms in women when they menstruate. Now, these cramps and back pains alleviate to an extent when masturbating during menstruation.


  • Betters the Mood

Women stay in the worst of moods while menstruating and the best of moods while masturbating. So, if you are one of them willing to masturbate during period, it can do wonders for your mood. When a woman reaches orgasm, the release of endorphins takes them to heaven. So, while they feel lifeless during menstruation, getting an orgasm will vibe up their mood surely. Undeniably, every woman deserves happiness along with passionate intimacy.


  • Lubrication is Smooth

The vaginal area is soaked with blood during menstruation. This means that the area is lubricated naturally. As there is no scene of vaginal dryness during this phase, women can use their fingers to tease their erogenous area. A realistic non-vibrator or a glass dildo can do an alternative job. In other words, there is nothing wrong to use a sex toy because it is the best you can do for intimate wellness. An online sex toys store would get you a variety of such adult toys and accessories.


  • Clitoral Stimulation is Safer

There is nothing to worry about if you choose clitoral stimulation to enjoy masturbation during menstruation. Experts opine that clitoral stimulation is more comfortable for women who do not wish to insert their fingers into the vagina. This results in a minimal mess. What many women do is they wear a menstrual cup while masturbating. These sex accessories play a crucial role in keeping the blood's directions right.


  • Hit the shower

You can’t expect masturbation during menstruation in bed. If you are aware of health and hygiene, there is no better place than your washroom. Just go and hit the shower. Let the showers on to make your sensual desires ooze out. Forget about the mess happening because it’s all going to be washed out. Focus on how you want to masturbate; do not be distracted by seeing the blood. Insert the toy or your finger pleasantly and not vigorously.


  • Bring in your Partner

Talk to the man that you want to go for masturbation during menstruation. If he agrees and has no problem with it, get him in. He might be awkward seeing the blood; in such a case, play alone. But if he is okay, go for a mutual masturbation session. You can even tell him to tease his own and leave you orgasmic.


Concluding Words

Menstruation and masturbation, when hand in hand, can be interesting. However, you need to take the right measure that results in pleasure and comfort. Do not force yourself if you don’t feel right to go for masturbation during menstruation. It’s perfectly fine if you choose to rest your body. If it’s the other way around, things are still good. Remember, it’s natural to crave masturbation during period. A bit of safety keeps the balance right between the two.


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