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Best Ways to Store your Sex Toys Safely Every Summer in India

Best Ways to Store your Sex Toys Safely Every Summer in India

By S.Banerjee SEO Manager
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There is sweltering heat outside, and you are lying in bed with your AC on and pants off. The bed is in mess, and you both are gasping like anything! Kudos! You did it, and she is so happy. But where the hell are your toys? Are they crawling under the bed in dirt? Did you throw them into some corner of your room? Those little sex enhancers helped you bring happiness to bed, and now, you are not sure where you kept it. Even after cleaning yourselves, you took those under the water and threw them back to some old place. No, that’s not the way to store a sex toy!


Beat the Heat and Store your Sex Toys Safely

It can be the first time you have played with a sex toy. Now, you wonder how to preserve it safely, especially during summer. It’s not a mammoth task to undertake. Every sex toy user loves his toy. He spends so much on it, not just for playing and satisfaction. Maintenance, too, is important in this regard because you never know how your toy will respond to humid conditions.

So, here are the best ways to store your sex toys safely every summer. Have a look:

Cleaning is Primary – Storage comes Secondary

It’s obvious to store your sex toy in a safe place. But what if you don’t clean it up properly? Take a toy cleaner for this purpose. Before storing it, clean every corner of the toy, up and down, right and left thoroughly. Once done, dry it well, because if you leave it wet, the material might take a toll on being exposed to outside heat.


Store in a silk bag – Material Matters

It’s your dream toy that you need to take good care of. Hence, the storage solution should be a concern for you. If you are looking for a sex toy storage bag, make sure it is silk or satin. Remember, your toy needs to breathe during summer. So, these materials work best for this season. So, these materials will never dampen your toy, no matter how scorching the heat is. Also, say NO to plastic bags.


Silicone Toys are Exclusive – Store them Separate

It will not be surprising that your collection of sex toys will comprise mostly silicone adult sex toys and accessories. Silicone is the safest material to use. But when it comes to storage, things will be a bit different. If you are keeping silicone toys along with those made of glass, leather, etc., it’s better to keep the silicone ones separate. Silicone might react in excessive heat on coming into contact with other materials. So, store them in a different box altogether.


Check how big is your storage bag – Size is Crucial

Things aren’t always cool in summers for obvious reasons. Sex toys are no exception, especially when it comes to preservation. Hence, you must pick your storage space wisely. Whether it’s a drawstring toy bag or a rectangular storage case, it is better when bigger. Make a list of the toys you want to store and choose the storage size accordingly. Summers are sensitive; don’t forget!


Ending Thoughts

So, you can see that storing your sex toy is not a huge task in summer. You just need to be a bit alert with the storage space material. Several materials do not take it easy to survive heat. Store them in a spacious box but not an air-tight one. Keep all these things in mind and you will have no issues in storing your favorite sex toy.


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