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Sex during Periods is Safe for Women

Sex during Periods is Safe for Women

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Periods are a part of a woman’s life. But sex during periods is something to think about. Without periods, women cannot imagine life, and with it, they enjoy life. However, this is a very thoughtful phase where she has to keep many things in mind. If there is sex in her mind, it’s okay. But this does not mean she will act normal during this time. A lot of factors depend on her physical and sexual health.


The Bond of Love Leads to Physical Union

Partners engage in it because it increases their proximity to someone they genuinely love and like. In other words, it is an act to show how much they mean to each other. So, this becomes mutual at both ends and results in unifying two souls. Remember, for most people, having intercourse during the period is safe.

It is similar to going on a picnic in the rain. But like a picnic, some people enjoy it while others don't. All these vary as per the feelings you and your partner share.


➡️  Sex During Periods Never Hurts

Maybe you are wondering if it will be too messy. Well, the menstrual blood can occasionally make things a little messy. But it's all right! In the same way that you wipe up a juice spill, does not that make sense? Partners are skilled at handling it.


➡️  Sex is Never Painful During Periods

Relax, it's secure! Having sex while on your period won't harm you. Consider it similar to playing with your toys; when done correctly, it is enjoyable.


➡️  Take Care when Having Sex

Taking precautions on periods before having sex is mandatory. Conceiving during periods is not a good thing for a woman. To be safe, men prefer going for good-quality penis sleeves or condoms.

You should always check your level of comfort before sex during periods. If you decide to have sex while on your period, you should be wise. Try to keep everything organized; use a soft towel or a blanket. These keep things at ease and less messy.


➡️  Period-related sexual activity is not forced

There is nothing called ‘force’ in sex. When you are on your period, it should be your willingness and nothing more. It is fine if you show dislike towards having sex during periods. You are in charge of what feels correct in your body.


➡️  Discuss and Reciprocate

It's a good idea to discuss having sex during periods with your spouse. Like sharing your toys, say a rabbit vibrator or a glass dildo. Remember, honest and friendly communication improves everything. In today’s world, it is also easy to get in touch with an online sex toys store and order adult toys and gadgets.


➡️  Avoid the Right Things at the Right Time

If your health is not allowing you to have sex during periods, do not proceed. There should be pleasure and fun in having sex, and not discomfort. Just like when you do not want more vegetables on your plate, it's fine to say no.


➡️  Seek Medical Attention if Necessary

It's crucial to tell your partner that you want medical assistance or consult a doctor. If something doesn't feel right, your partner has the right to know. In case there is an emergency, you can always talk alone to an expert.


Last Thoughts

Believe it or not, having sex during periods is normal and pleasant, provided you want to keep it in good shape. It is advisable to communicate with your partner and let him know you are ready to make love. Ask your man to wear a condom or a penis sleeve. This would work surely. Despite this, if you think you are unwilling to have menstrual sex, be proud and say ‘NO’.


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