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Understanding Women's Pleasure: A Survey on Ideal Penis Size

Understanding Women's Pleasure: A Survey on Ideal Penis Size

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In this world, there is nothing perfect, and so do the penis. Although it’s a discreet body part in men, it has a lot of observations in the eyes of women. If you think a woman loves to come across this word, you are wrong. Not all women show up happy faces when they hear about the penis. However, it’s true that most women are keen. Surprisingly, it is also true that some wonder how the penis would shape their sex life. Out of all these, what many men keep asking is the ideal size of their penis to make their girls happier, and so-called ‘satisfied’.


The Ideal Size of Penis is a Mystery

Who doesn’t love unfolding mysteries? Whether it’s in a movie or bed, the more you proceed to unlock the treasure, the more exciting it gets. Similarly, there is an inexplicable curiosity how long men should grow their penis. Is there any perfect size? No, there isn’t, and surprisingly, different penis sizes impress women differently. However, the common and preferred penis size which about 56% of women all over the world has voted for measures around 5.8 to 6.2 inches.


A Woman’s Interest in Penis is in Her Mind

No offense, but it is true that the way a man observes and measures a girl’s boobs on a date is not similar to a woman's. On the contrary, she keeps her visual calculations in mind and gets an idea from the man’s physique about his dick size. So, when dating her man, she does not need to gaze at his penis to know his size. Men of short stature can also have thick sizes, which many women fantasize about. Again, a huge penis size will not always leave women happy and impressed.


Women are More Practical and Less Imaginary about Penis Size

Most of the women are keen about the process of lovemaking. Although many fantasize about a man’s penis size, the majority find happiness after seeing it. Now, out of these women, some are okay with short to medium-sized penis while some say that a longer one would have been more satisfactory. Fortunately, the online online sex toys stores have done things easy for women by bringing vibrators and non-vibrators of varying sizes.

To find this out, we will see what type of penis size women love talking about:


➤ The Normal size

If you believe that a penis can have a normal size, it is probable. The good news is if the male penis measures between 5 and 6 inches, you have good chances of going orgasmic multiple times. Women who are happy with this size range usually focus on the performance and not on raising the size.


➤ The Micro Size

This size indicates penises of around 3 inches, which is very small in size. Some women say that a 3-inch penis falls short of hitting the G-spot. Hence, the chances of getting an orgasm for women are less against micro-sized penises.


➤ The Big Size

The biggest penis size is around 7 inches. However, most of the women have not shown too much excitement towards big-sized penises. Girls usually want to get less hurt during penetration. So, in the case of a 7-inch penis, girls show reluctance towards stretching their vagina too much.



One thing is clear – a man’s penis size need not be so long that a girl has to end up in disappointment. What matters is it has an average size between 5 and 6 inches. The majority of successful sex stories include an average-sized penis and a happy vagina. It is all about the performance that brings out happiness and satisfaction. Despite this, if a man has to extend his penis size, he can use a penis enlargement cream, which is the safest solution.


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