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Essential Points to Keep in Mind for First-Time Sex Toy Users

Essential Points to Keep in Mind for First-Time Sex Toy Users

By S.Banerjee SEO Manager
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Surprising but true, India has come up with a record number of first-time sex toy users in 2023. There have been massive changes in people’s mindset today. From fingers to vibrators, the transformation has been enormous in recent years.


First-Time Adult Toy Users are Now Turning Curious

Today, both men and women have taken a step ahead to grab toys, which is perfectly fine. Well, sex toys were never new. Rather, these date back thousands of years, when people adopted them for fun and pleasure.

Currently, the trend of toying is back, and people from all corners of the world are going for it. Every year around 26% of male and 21% of female sex toy beginners in India raise queries about different toys. So, here we will discuss the most crucial things that first-time sex toy users should know.

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Understanding the Basics of Sex Toy Usage

Before diving into the sea of adult toys, it is necessary to understand the sex toy basics for all first-time adult toy users. What they do, how they stimulate, how to use, how to clean, and how to utilize for your sex life. Once you know these basics, it becomes easier for you to know which toy does what.


Exploring Different Types of Sex Toys

Once you have known the basics of sex toys, it is time to explore them one by one. The purpose behind this is to know which toy has what purpose. Whether you want something for masturbation, clitoral stimulation, or vaginal penetration, you need to pick a toy accordingly.


Choosing the Right Toy for Your Needs and Comfort Level

When you are done exploring different types of sex toys, it’s time for you to make the right choice. You know your desires, your fantasies, and your needs in bed. Accordingly, you can look for toys that meet your specific sexual needs. Choosing a suitable toy signifies choosing happiness.


Familiarizing with Toy Materials and Safety Guidelines

While choosing a toy, you need to know which material it is. Mostly, sex toys are safest in silicone bodies. Also, toys are made of TPR, PVC, and other skin-friendly toy materials. Avoid phthalate-free and toxic materials that might cause harm to your genitals later.


Proper Cleaning and Maintenance for Hygiene and Longevity

After choosing your safest toy, unbox it, and keep it ready to clean. You have to make sure there are no batteries inside. If you apply soap and water, remove all the batteries. Also, you can use a toy cleaner. Once your toy is clean, dry it with a cloth, and use it. No matter which sex toy you bring, cleaning and maintenance are a must.


Using Lubrication to Enhance Comfort and Pleasure

Remember, your sex toy is clean but dry at the same time. So, you have to keep it smooth and moist by applying a lubricant. Proper lubrication will provide more safety, pleasure, and comfort during the performance. While toying, you should enjoy. Hence, comfort is a must during these sessions.


Setting Boundaries and Communicating with Your Partner

Although you are ready to play, take some time for proper communication with your partner. Never go for surprises; he/she might not take it gladly. Therefore, it is better to set limits and ensure that things will be okay.


Taking It Slow and Listening to Your Body's Response

When you have the right lube, and you apply it at the tip of the toy, go for a slow start. Do not get vigorous with the pushes. Whether you are helping yourself or favouring your partner, things should take a gentle start. This will help you understand how your body responds, and you will enjoy it.


Educating Yourself through Reliable Sources and Reviews

Once you are through with the experience of using a sex toy, you might feel like buying more. You can always talk to an online sex toys store and raise queries. Also, you might come across other sources like blogs and customer reviews on toys and accessories. Being a first-time sex toy user, the more you educate yourself, the better it is.


Embracing Self-Exploration and Enjoying the Journey

Self-exploration is the most enjoyable thing for a first-time sex toy user. You can always try experiments with different sex toys with time. For instance, start with a non-vibrating dildo and then shift to vibrators. Similarly, men can try male strokers and then plan to bring home sex dolls. After all, playing with sex toys is all about having a good sex life, and this would surely keep you the happiest.


Last Thoughts

Remember, there is always a first time for everything. You learn cycling for the first time, go to school for the first time, fall in love for the first time, and life moves on. The episode on sex toys is not an exception.

So, before you take your first sex toy in hand, you should know everything about it. Remember these points, and you will be the happiest first-time adult toy user ever.

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